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Results Matter. Effective For Us.

Fran Millar works differently than many others in politics.  He believes the most effective legislators are the men and women who stay true to principles and work to build respect — not those who simply try to grab limelight, headlines and credit.

Fran co-chairs the Education Finance Commission and this past year five pieces of legislation were passed to improve how we fund K-12 public education.

He authored legislation to repay the federal government the money we borrowed to pay state unemployment benefits and this bill will also restore solvency to the unemployment trust fund.

Finally, Fran drew the original map that expanded the 6th Congressional district (Tom Price) further into DeKalb County.

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    January, 18 2011

    The General Assembly convened on January 10 and the constitutional officers (Governor, Lt. Governor, etc.) and members of the General Assembly were sworn into office.

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